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"Steel, metallurgical machinery"

极速赛车APP下载 Position, speed, angle feedback encoder sensor solutions. Customized solutions.

Proximity sensors, photoelectric sensors, displacement sensors, encoder position, speed, angle

control solutions.

ETF124-H / ETF127-H Series heavy duty encoders, metallurgical machinery encoder.
Metallurgical machinery encoder technology
Suitable for metallurgical machinery rotary encoder motor drive control

Heavy duty design, rugged aluminum housing outside diameter 124 × 89mm, high protection IP65,

a variety of electrical output interface in the form of operating voltage 5VDC 9to26VDC,

response frequency 300KHz), field-serviceable connectors use industry-lock connector without

welding, dual-port output options, more robust electrical isolation and thermal insulation shaft,

insulated shaft to prevent the motor shaft encoder current burn, common resolutions 600PPR,

1000PPR, 1024PPR, 2048PPR / circle, a variety of shaft diameter (20,25,30mm) optional unbreakable

code wheel, the torsion bar spring piece or installation of anti-severe shock and vibration,

high temperature resistant, temperature range of -40 to +100 degrees and so on.
Used in steel, metallurgy, paper and other heavy or high-pollution industries.

Can replace similar Northstar Polaris HS35M or HSD35 Series encoders include Model

(MH10241K2S01 MH10241K0S01 MH1200Z1K2S01 MH1024Z1K2S01 MH1024Z1K6S01

MH6001K2S01 MH5121K2S01 MH10001k2S01 MH10001I2S20 MH1200-1X EP1.ST.L1 614-891-2245)

HSD351024MA34 HSD351024MA340 HSD351024M034 HSD351024MA440 HSD351024MA441

HSD351024MA4B0 HSD351024MA4B1

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