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"Inductive sensor"

TOFI inductive sensor is widely used in the industrial field。 Compared with mechanical switches, inductance sensors have perfect preconditions: non-contact and non-wear working mode and high switching frequency and switching accuracy。 In addition, they resist vibration and prevent dust and moisture。 Inductive sensors can detect all metals without contact。

Product Features:

Miniature sensor series: size from 3mm to M5, with square dimension;

Long distance detection series sensor: 4 times detection range, size from M5 to M30, especially suitable for undetectable objects;

High pressure sensor: designed for dynamic high pressure system, withstand pressure to 500Bar, sensing face protection grade IP68 with good sealing;

All-metal type sensor: resistant to mechanical impact and chemical corrosion, high voltage to 100Bar, protection grade IP68 or IP69K

Distance measurement analog output sensor: detect range from 0-40mm, high resolution, good temperature stability

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